Salman Hossain Saif

Hi 👋 I’m Saif,

A freelance UX UI designer based in Dhaka (GMT+6). Helping some of the fastest growing startups and enterprises launch and grow their products.

Core Expertise



UX Writing

Web Dev

6+ years experience. 🥇 Top rated in freelance marketplaces.

I'm a creative UI, UX and IxD specialist with an effective business marketing and design background. Experienced in SaaS products, web/mobile/desktop apps, mockups and rapid/high fidelity prototyping. Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop , Invision, and Adobe XD are my go-to tools for design.

Salman Hossain Saif
📱 Mobile App

Designing end-to-end user experience and solution for Vara Koto apps.

As a product designer, I helped "Vara Koto" apps to build a 100k+ user base, securing series A funding and 1 international award in just a year. Want to see how I did that? View the case study.

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Designing end-to-end user experience and solution for Vara Koto apps.
🏭 Process Management Tool

Ampliflow - Procedures, checklists and improvements

As a lead UX designer of; an end-to-end business process management tool, I research and identify UX problems through stakeholder talks and user research in the complex industry of B2B SaaS products. I streamlined design-to-dev handoffs by creating a robust and complex design system. As a result, reduce design costs by 50%. Also, I revamped our onboarding and navigational UX, resulting 45% increase in new user acquisition.

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Ampliflow - Procedures, checklists and improvements
💊 Health care industry

Manage My Pain - Track, analyze, & share your pain

I’m responsible for the entire design philosophy & user experience for ManageMyPain; an app that lets you track, analyze and share your chronic pain records. After taking responsibility for the design team, I revamped our entire design language based on Material Design and reimagined fundamental UX for recording pain episodes. As a result, we achieve a 30% reduction in design cost & a 60% increase in conversion. Also oversaw the implementation of a partner-requested feature that led to an additional $1.50M of investment.

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Manage My Pain - Track, analyze, & share your pain
📖 Free Ebook

Designing UX for SaaS: Basics, Processes, Trends

In SaaS, where competition is getting more and more fierce every day, your UX can be the first thing that can make or break your company. While a good UX will make you stand out in the competition, a poor UX design will make it difficult for you to acquire and retain users. And creating the perfect UX for a SaaS product is not as simple as it sounds. There are a dozen challenges that are unique to SaaS products. With this free ebook, I’ll help you define these challenges and find ways to overcome them and introduce you to the popular concepts in UX and SaaS.

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Designing UX for SaaS: Basics, Processes, Trends
✍️ Writing tool


Check grammar and spelling with just one simple click. Founded on the concept that edits can take your writing to the next level – our platform is designed specifically for students, content writers and editors. As a writer or content editor, you're phenomenal at what you do - and the last thing you should be doing is stressing about how to make the best edits, but finding a good editing service is hard for even the most experienced in the industry.

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Side Projects

Chromium Extension

Avro (অভ্র) for Chrome

Write Bangla instantly. Avro (অভ্র) extension for chrome works with any chromium based browser.

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SASS Application


Free meeting management system with integrated video conferencing, screen sharing and live stream.

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Dev Tool

Code Comment Cleaner

Strip , Clean comments from your code at ease. Free , fast and easy.

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Mobile App


Tsayt is a simple and lightweight timezone and currency converter that just works, without any cavets.

Dev Tool


A dead simple, Lightweight CSS Library With 330+ Ready to Use Gradient CSS Color Classes. 😎🎨🖌

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Web Applciation

Ki Koro

একটা প্রোগ্রাম তৈরি যা মহা মুল্যবান কি করো প্রশ্নের র‍্যান্ডম উত্তর জেনেরেট করবে

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Mobile App

Ki movie dekhbo

Can't decide which movie/tv series to watch? Can't find anything else? Then this app is for you.

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Mobile App

Hospital number & emergency info

Get emergency information , helpline numbers and other important information without an internet connection.

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Mobile app + Web app

PromoX+ : Promo , Coupons & Discount

Get the latest and special promo codes, coupons & discounts of different service providers in Bangladesh.

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TapRush Blue PRO

Most satisfying tapping game. Tap the blue to reduce stress. Just tap the blue and keep going.

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Web Templates

Smart Error Pages

Responsive,Modern & Flat Error Pages Set. Fully responsive, HD / HiDPI screen ready.

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Chromium Browser Theme

Material Dream Blue

Love material design ?Here is a Dream Material Blue Theme. Turn your chrome to a calm blue night.

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