Side Projects

Chromium Extension

Avro (অভ্র) for Chrome

Write Bangla instantly. Avro (অভ্র) extension for chrome works with any chromium based browser.

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SASS Application


Free meeting management system with integrated video conferencing, screen sharing and live stream.

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Dev Tool

Code Comment Cleaner

Strip , Clean comments from your code at ease. Free , fast and easy.

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Mobile App


Tsayt is a simple and lightweight timezone and currency converter that just works, without any cavets.

Dev Tool


A dead simple, Lightweight CSS Library With 330+ Ready to Use Gradient CSS Color Classes. 😎🎨🖌

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Web Applciation

Ki Koro

একটা প্রোগ্রাম তৈরি যা মহা মুল্যবান কি করো প্রশ্নের র‍্যান্ডম উত্তর জেনেরেট করবে

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Mobile App

Ki movie dekhbo

Can't decide which movie/tv series to watch? Can't find anything else? Then this app is for you.

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Mobile App

Hospital number & emergency info

Get emergency information , helpline numbers and other important information without an internet connection.

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Mobile app + Web app

PromoX+ : Promo , Coupons & Discount

Get the latest and special promo codes, coupons & discounts of different service providers in Bangladesh.

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TapRush Blue PRO

Most satisfying tapping game. Tap the blue to reduce stress. Just tap the blue and keep going.

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Web Templates

Smart Error Pages

Responsive,Modern & Flat Error Pages Set. Fully responsive, HD / HiDPI screen ready.

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Chromium Theme

Material Dream Blue

Love material design ?Here is a Dream Material Blue Theme. Turn your chrome to a calm blue night.

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