Salman Hossain Saif

Transforming Digital Interactions through Exceptional UX Design

With 8 years of experience designing interfaces that connect with users, I create UX that's not just usable, but enjoyable. My human-centered process leads to products people love to engage with. Let's craft an intuitive digital solution tailored for your needs.

Trusted by Clients Worldwide

With 8 years of dedicated UI/UX design experience, I've had the privilege to collaborate with clients from around the globe. From startups to established enterprises, my work has consistently delivered user-centric solutions that drive success.

8+ Years
Hours Worked

Success Story: ManageMyPain

After taking responsibility I achieved a 30% reduction in design cost & a 60% increase in conversion. Also oversaw the implementation of a partner-requested feature that led to additional investments.

Success Story: Vara Koto Apps

As a product designer, I helped "Vara Koto" apps to build a 100k+ user base, securing series A funding and 1 international award in just a year. Want to see how I did that? View the case study.

Why hire me

User-Focused Design

I take a user-centered approach to every project. Through research, testing, and iteration, I ensure the end product solves real problems for your users in an intuitive way.

Full Range of Skills

With background in visual design, front-end development and psychology, I can handle everything from user flows to hi-fi mockups. You won't need multiple specialists for one project.

Effective Collaboration

I communicate clearly, meet deadlines, and make sure all stakeholders are aligned. You'll get a smooth design process that brings out the best ideas.

Passion for Innovation

I stay on top of the latest UX trends and techniques. Your product will leverage the newest ideas and research to delight users.


“We hired Salman to write UI/UX scripts for a video-based course. He is clearly an expert in his field, writes well, and follows all guidelines. And, he delivered quality work on time! It was a great experience, and we will look for ways to work with Salman in the future. Highly recommend!”


“Used Salman's excellent design service before, will use again, and again.”

YouDo Ltd.

“I would give Saif 6 if that were an option. He does great work, quickly, and will go above and beyond to get things done. I have an will continue to work with Saif.”


“I have worked on several projects with Saif, and he always does an excellent work. He understands well the requirements and is very creative. Fantastic work!”

Willy T.
Bazham LLC

“Very professional, patient and definitely very skilled. Highly recommended !”

Azubui K.

“Saif really went out of his way to make sure that we received exactly what we needed for our project. High quality work and absolutely excellent communication. Very well done!”

Jacob W.

Frequently asked questions

What is your UX design process?
My human-centered design process includes research, user flows, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, and iteration. This ensures I design intuitive interfaces tailored to your users.
How do you conduct user research?
I utilize methods like surveys, interviews, personas and journey mapping to gain empathy and insights into your users' needs and pain points.
How do you prioritize UX decisions?
With research insights, I focus on addressing your users' primary goals and frustrations first. Metrics like conversion rates and retention also guide my design decisions.
How do you validate UX design solutions?
I leverage usability testing to validate design choices early and often. Seeing real users interact with prototypes informs iteration and improvement.
How do you ensure your UX solutions are feasible?
I collaborate closely with development teams to ensure my UX solutions align with technical constraints. This results in a design that can be seamlessly implemented.
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