Muuziko Top Spotify Playlists As Video Anywhere

About This Project

At its core, Muuziko is an app that allows you to enjoy the fantastic catalog of Spotify playlists as YouTube playlists. Yes, it’s the conceptual love child of Spotify and YouTube!

You can browse the playlists by selecting one of the multiple categories / genres. Once you have discovered the playlist you are excited about, click on “Play” and you will be able to view the list of music videos that make up the playlist. These videos are perfect match of their Spotify equivalent.

Then, you can open the playlist in the native YouTube app to play it or use the app to send it to your TV via Chromecast, Roku and more.

You can also open using your favorite browser on desktop, and then by scanning the displayed QR code send the corresponding YouTube playlist to your browser and watch it on your laptop.

Multiple countries are supported, including US, UK, Nederland, Germany, France etc.

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